Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to keep up with the club is to Like our Facebook page! You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter. You can follow us on Twitter to, at @AlleghenyUkes.

The traditional Hawaiian way to pronounce Ukulele is 'oo-koo-lay-lay'. Most of us in the club pronounce it 'you-koo-lay-lee'. Either pronounciation is acceptable. Tomato, tomato!

The best way to learn is to come jam with us! Members are happy to take time out to show you a chord or to help you with a tricky strum pattern. Playing the uke is fun, but playing with others is even more fun!

Our jams are free, but we ask for a $5 donation to help cover our expenses.
Other events will be noted as to cost. A typical workshop with a touring ukulele instructor runs about $25/person. A typical concert runs about $10-$15.

Donations to the club allow us to subsidize workshops, concerts, and other events we host!

The ukulele is a small 4-stringed instrument from Hawaii. It was originally developed from a Portugese instrument called the 'machete'. It is typically tuned GCEA with the G being tuned above the C. This is called 'reentrant' tuning. 

The Allegheny Ukulele Kollective (or Allegheny Ukes or AUK) is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. We're also a group of people who love playing the uke. Our members are from all walks of life and we're open to players of all ability. 

We host an annual ukulele festival, the Allegheny Ukulele Soiree, help libraries add ukuleles to their collections, and do our best to spread the joy of ukulele in our communities. We offer workshops every few months and hold ukulele jams nearly every single week!